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Mountain Cloth

by Mountain Cloth

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    Released in 2013 by Oslo based Siste Sukk Records this is the first release by Mountain Cloth.
    If you like your music home recorded and off beat I ´ve a strong feeling you´ll love it!

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originally released on tape by Siste Sukk Records, we have the pleasure to bring you the digital release of Mountain Cloth's debut album

If you want the tape she´s ready for you to purchase her over at the Siste Sukk website


released September 16, 2013

Recorded & MIxed by Trent Boyard at The Wild Area & World of Duvet


all rights reserved



Mountain Cloth Bergen, Norway

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Track Name: Blood's On
Here to consume mass quantities with my team
In our new shirts with our fabrics glistening
We´re on the strip like we have never been
All our old items stuffed in our old back packs
Whip it out.

First we stopped believing in anything
And then we stopped collecting
It was a long night
We shaved each others hair off
Then we traded all our colors for some blank skin.

Here to consume mass quantities with my team
First i´ll call a register then start feasting
Fellas turn your collars up
Then we´ll try not to let these outsiders
strange ways impact on us too much.

So turn up the air conditioning
Make love with all your might
Compose your outfit right
And go stream lined.

Cloaked in your mountain cloth
Blood's on and off and on
Blood's on.
Track Name: Bowel Prod
Never hold for whiteness
Doing what´s not done
Your likeness to shit smears
Your shit smearing likeness
As in eye crust for minors
Each eye drop administered
Each thigh slapped and rippling

Grave well maintained
(Summon it)
Each skin blemish out of control
But they´ll do you right before
they drop you in that hole I know.

When that rare noise is all you´ve ever been
Each consoles downgraded back to the beginning
You´re an old boy but your fresh blood's still humming
Resonating to the sound.
Track Name: Brother
Grow seed grow
Wear that vest in every window
Grow seed grow
That purse chain has its veins.

Please recover my brother.
Please recover one or the other.
Track Name: Daddy Palace
He´s rejecting the hand
You can call me me Trent Boyard
You can call me Chicken little
You can call me Mountain Cloth
My mother calls me that a lot
He rejects the hand so much
It´s going green and falling off.

Medicine chest it weighs
It´s worth in weight these days
I just poked a patient
From the side of all ways
He sends me down sometimes
We share jokes at lunch time
But please don´t put me on
Please don´t reject the hand.
Track Name: Grey Wifey
All my dust
All my grains
All of my clipped toe nails.

All my hair
Both plucked and shaved
Are filling up the drain again
Sign out.
Track Name: Approach
(Henry, Hercules, Bungle, Jack)
Why do they call the mother Jack
when it´s not her name?
(Jean Susan Runcimand Whittle)
Every child´s underside
lit up with flames
And if the teacher thinks it´s creative say
"Miss hold your tongue".

They do the Delaque
They do the house Van Saar
With figurines made a film
on a rented camera
I sing this for my brother
Scenes we´d like to remember.
Track Name: Hat Life
When your council has grown
Above and beyond you
And all that´s left for you
Just frightens or bores you.

Once fertile and wild
Up on the cusp
With fans, kites and paddles
Track Name: Ice Tray
My young dad
His young friends
Falling over the kitchen
My young bride
falls off her stool
I just watch
Tears in my eyes.

But life in the ice tray
It´s just product and lotion
I wrote down a question
And then I slipped it in the back pocket of my jeans.

Stunning dark eyed spinster
I´ll lift up the latch for you
You´ll witness my limits
You´ll say
"This fruit will prune it´s own tree".
With every class mate looking up to see
Every call home fabricate good news.
Track Name: Oi
In the study hall
With the back brace on.
They play calypso forms
They play the whole night long.

Your ghost has gotten long hair
and it croaks if it makes a sound at all
Then it hits the pool as a cannonball.

Going with the wind
And feeling something new
Like a restructuring
Like a remolding
That you are welcome to
That you would welcome through.
Track Name: Rust Job Sand
Abella please
You´re rapidly becoming a favorite
Abella please
I can´t stand your cruel movements,
your fair haired youth eternal.
Should we do it for the ages?
Should we do it for the primed?
For the sliced ice by the bedside?
For the child´s brain in the jam jar?
For my dirty love, Abella?
Track Name: Slim Village
Glum voyage
Nuisancing yourself
in that that slim village
Where there´s really nothing else
but to work on that new patch
And to work it right.

Some certain thunder bolt
That dust coating bounced when your body spoke
And then it filled the room.

Most armed man in sand pit.

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